Get feedbacks

Ok, great, you coded your project, did a perfect README and provided a great documentation. Your code is awesome and your idea looks cool!

But what do other people think about your project? Try to collect some feedbacks to know what they think is interesting, but also what they dislike or think can be improved. Some people will give you some hints about how to make your project even better or report some needs that your project could fulfill!

There are many ways to collect feedbacks:

Your friends and co-workers.

That’s the easiest way and the best place to start. Your friend will always spend a bit of their time to checkout what you did and give you your impression. I always share what I do to my friends and ask them for feedback, even for this article.

But it has some limits: your friends tend to be nice and won’t necessarily be objective. They also might have no need in your project, so they might not understand what matters. But it is a good start, and you should do it.

Specialized forum

This is sometimes harder to find because you might not necessarily know any forum for which your project is relevant. So it might require extra time to find some, but I believe the result must be rewarding. To be honest, I never did that one, but I plan to go that way for future projects

Big websites such as reddit or Hacker News (Show HN).

The main advantage of this one is that you get a huge audience, so more feedbacks easily. However, it might be a bit harder for someone to post on it because of potentially big exposure.

You have to filter feedbacks: which one are relevant, which one aren’t (some people might have misunderstood what you did for example). Don’t apply every feedback in your roadmap: think and argue if it makes sense or not. Discard the comments of grumpy people that believe they can do better than anyone and only bring non-constructive comments.

Feedbacks are great and help you to take a step back after spending so much time coding on your side for your own purpose. Be open-minded!