Most developers, including myself, always believe that a project itself is enough and people will rush to it without any promotion because everyone was waiting for it. That’s bullshit and you know it: if you don’t talk about your project, in most cases, no one will notice it. And it is too bad: you spent so much time putting everything you have on it, why would you want it to stay in the dark?

Spend some time to promote it: talk about it to your friends, post it on some websites or even design a small logo for it.

I did that for cpp_redis for example: I checked where redis client are listed and discovered that there is an official list of all redis client available on, so I added my project there: people looking for a redis client might find mine by looking at that list while they would probably have never found it otherwise!

Don’t spend your time doing it, but still allocate a small amount to make it easier to find your project. There is no shame to promote your project!