Listen to your issues

As I mentioned in the tip #8, you have different types of issues: bugs, misuses and questions.

You need to pay more attention than you think to the misuses and questions.

If you see that one question come over and over again (how to use xxx? does your library support xxx?), it might mean that your documentation is not clear enough or an important feature is missing and would constitute a huge improvement of your library.

If you see people misusing a particular part of your library often, maybe you should improve the documentation or adjust the design of your library to make it less error-prone.

Don’t forget that only a few users will report issues that they encounters, so even if an issue is reported two or three times, it is already a sign and you should think about why people keep reporting it. Even though the error might coming from their side at first sight, if it keep coming up, it might actually be shared responsabilities.

Listening to your issues means that you listen to your users and stay aware about what is going wrong with your project.